Roshni Welfare Society

The Roshni Welfare society is established by Rahma Tul Lil Alameen Trust.

It is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit charitable NGO registered with Government of Pakistan. Its main aim is to establish facilities to provide health care, education and social welfare services to disadvantaged or underprivileged communities living in rural areas of Pakistan free of charge.

Roshni is providing the following Services;
We are providing financial support for the prevention and control of blindness, corrective surgery for eye defects or diseases such as cataracts, medicine, patient care and community health education.
We are providing financial support for human resource development through training of nurses, paramedics and other health professionals.
We liaise with and establish partnerships with other local non-governmental organizations with similar aims and objectives

We are assisting disadvantaged or underprivileged students who are gifted to undertake tertiary or higher education by providing sponsorship, interest-free loans repayable when such students start paid work
Roshni is providing food, shelter, health, education, social welfare and safety services for orphans, the destitute and the needy and to empower them to become self-sufficient
We provide disaster relief where necessary
Roshni has established women vocational training college