"Mercy to the Worlds" is the English translation of "Rahmatul-lil-Alameen". The name of the Trust is inspired by one of the titles given to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon Him).

Our Leadership Board of Trustees: Muhammad Latif BSC Electrical Eng. (Chairman Trust)
Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Wahid BA, MIS Australia (Secretary Trust)
Dr Muhammad Iqbal BSC. M. B. B. S. DLO ENT (Trustee)
Haji Ashfaq Hussain BA (trustee)
Riaz Ahmad Tahir BA, MA (trustee)

Board of Management: Ch Muzafar Iqbal (Chairperson)
Ch Tayyib (Secretary)
Shaykh Muhammad Masood (Treasurer)
Rao Abdul Khaliq (Assistant treasurer)
Rao Zulfaqar (Member)

Chairman Message: Islam urges us to uphold two types of rights:
i. The rights of Allah (God); and
ii. The rights of human beings.

The rights of Allah (God) are the duties we have towards God (that is, belief in Him, worship of Him and obedience to Him). The rights of human beings are the kind actions that we do for our fellow man (e.g. the rights of parents, the rights of neighbours or the rights of the sick, etc).

The life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a perfect example of the above. In the light of Quran and the tradition of prophet (the two main sources of knowledge in Islam), the Sahabah (companions of Prophet Muhammad) and the Salaf-salah-heen (the following generation after the Sahabah) showed examples of both types of rights. Their example is like a beacon shining in the past for all of mankind's dignity and honour. They recognised others needs and looked after them.

In fact, the meaning of "human rights" in Islam is simply to look after and serve for the betterment of mankind. However, unfortunately, in this materialistic world, the emotional and moral values have slowly eroded away. Love and greed for this materialistic world has divided people into groups. Spiritual and moral values are rapidly disappearing from our society.

In these circumstances, the time is now calling us to make our goals to work for the needy, the helpless and destitute (those less fortunate than us). The aim of "human rights" is to build such a society with balance between materialism and spirituality. To achieve this objective, we need to establish organizations that cooperate in a spirit of unity to strive for the rights of humanity so that basic needs of all people may be fulfilled.

It is a universal truth that Muslims, in the light of Prophet Muhammad's example, strive to eliminate discrimination and oppression. Thus uplifting the human spirit, so that people may again have dignity and feel a part of the wider society – not experience despair and rejection.

In this materialistic time, when people have become selfish and individualistic, where mankind has indulged in favouritism, prejudice and greed to achieve wealth and happiness, there are also people who still think that "the greatest work is to serve mankind". Allah (the Almighty) says in the Quran:

"And help each other in righteousness and piety, and help not one another in sin and transgression" (Al-Quran)

In the light of the above verse, we laid down the foundation of REHMAT-UL-LILALAMIN TRUST.
Muhammad Latif

Trust Achievements: Amongst our significant achievements:
A 70-bed hospital providing A to Z eye care, general medicine and gynecology services to the poor and needy people of Pakpattan and surrounding districts.

The hospital, set on 2 acres of beautifully landscaped land, consists of 14 patient rooms, operation theatre, medical store, 4 consultation rooms, medical laboratory, reception area and general amenities.

1. Conducted Mobile Eye-Clinics in Kashmir and Pakistan (1991-2008)
2. Treat more than 14500 patients annually
3. Performed more than 450 sight-restoring operations annually
4. Provide FREE treatment, FREE medication, FREE eye-surgery, FREE glasses (spectacles) to zakat eligible patients

Education: Al Naqshband College for women, Al Naqshband library, Tehfeez-ul-Quran Institute, several maasjid projects, several educational institutes around Pakistan and abroad, online educational services and an educational video channel. Hundreds students graduate every year from our established institutes.

Social welfare: Over the decades, the Trust has conducted several successful eye-camps, provided disaster relief to thousands, hundreds of scholarships to poor students, dressing making training to hundreds of women.

Our Story "Among mankind, the best is the one who benefits other people and the greatest prayer of all is to serve humanity" (Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him)

In 1954, Sahibzada Abu Tahir Muhammad Naqshband Rahimahullah, a respected scholar from Punjab, founded the Jamiyah Naqshbandiyah in the city of Pakpattan, Pakistan.

Later, in 1993, Sahibzada established Rahmatal Lil Alameen Trust to enhance the delivery of its services. His vision was based upon a philosophy of mercy (rahmah) towards mankind: every human being's right to receive the basic needs in life (education, health care, shelter, assistance in a time of dire need, etc).

Sadly, he passed away in 2004. Today, the Trust is managed by his descendants and a very capable board of management; many who grew up in the region and have retired from their profession.

The Trust focuses on the provision of services in the three key areas: health, education and social welfare (Community development). Over the decades, the Trust has conducted several successful eye-camps, provided disaster relief to thousands women, children and elders, established a 70-bed hospital, Al Naqshband College for women, Al Naqshband vocational training centre for women, Al Naqshband library, Tehfeez-ul-Quran Institute, several masjid projects, several educational institutes around Pakistan and abroad, online educational services and a video channel.

Most of the Trusts activities are conducted in the Punjab region, but does extend its services throughout Pakistan and extends it educational services worldwide through its online channel.

Future Projects:
->Complete the building of 1st floor hospital, includes 2 operation theatres, 5 general patient wards.
->Expand Gynaecology services to include birthing facilities (additional operation theatre, humidity cribs, etc)
->Free ambulance service

Current Projects:
->Al-Mustafa College - Kinder to College level education and vocational training centre. 40,000 square foot covered area set on 14 canal land. Servicing up to 1,000 students.

Social Welfare
Under the registered name of Roshani Welfare Society, the Trust is providing:
1. Women vocational training centre (dressmaking, sewing and embroidery)
2. Legal and moral Aide given to the poor, helpless and oppressed
3. Emergency relief camps during natural disasters
4. Self-help assistance to the unemployed
5. Qurban meat distribution
6. Eid gifts to orphaned and needy children
7. Community Ramdan Iftar (a charitable meal during the month of Ramadan)
8. Zakat distribution
9. Aqiqah (Parents who are unable to perform Aqiqah themselves, can send money to us to sacrifice an animal on their behalf and distribute the meat to the poor)
10. Orphan sponsorships and care

Facts and Statistics

Registration status:
TRUST is registered (as a non-profitable and charitable organization) in Pakistan under (Societies Registration Act, 1860). The registration No. is EIP PK SR-2788148 dated 11th December, 1993.
Income tax status:

All donations to Hospital trust is tax deductible and donors can get tax benefit when they give their donation to

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