"Among Mankind, The Best Is The One Who Benefits Other People" (Al-Hadith)

Islam is a complete way of life that was revealed for all mankind through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Islam urges us to uphold two types of rights:
1) The rights of Allah (God); and
2) The rights of human beings.

The rights of Allah (God) are the duties we have towards God (that is, belief in Him, worship of Him and obedience to Him). The rights of human beings are the kind actions that we do for our fellow man (e.g. the rights of parents, the rights of neighbours or the rights of the sick, etc).

The life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a perfect example of the above. In the light of Quran and Sunnah (the two main sources of knowledge in Islam), the Sahabah (companions of Prophet Muhammad) and the Salaf-salah-heen (the following generation after the Sahabah) showed examples of both types of rights. Their example is like a beacon shining in the past for all of mankind's dignity and honour. They recognised others needs and looked after them.

In fact, the meaning of "human rights" in Shariah (Islamic Law) is simply to look after and serve for the betterment of mankind. However, unfortunately, in this materialistic world, the emotional and moral values have slowly eroded away. Love and greed for this materialistic world has divided people into groups. Spiritual and moral values are rapidly disappearing from our society.

In these circumstances, the time is now calling us to make our goals to work for the needy, the helpless and destitute (those less fortunate than us). The aim of "human rights" is to build such a society with balance between materialism and spirituality. To achieve this objective, we need to establish organizations that cooperate in a spirit of unity to strive for the rights of humanity so that basic needs of all people may be fulfilled.

It is a universal truth that Muslims, in the light of Prophet Muhammad's example, strive to eliminate discrimination and oppression. Thus uplifting the human spirit, so that people may again have dignity and feel a part of the wider society - not experience despair and rejection.
In this materialistic time, when people have become selfish and individualistic, where mankind has indulged in favouritism, prejudice and greed to achieve wealth and happiness, there are also people who still think that "the greatest work is to serve mankind".

Sahibzada Muhammad Latif | Chairman